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About us

Joey Guidone Illustration Gallery, Joey

Aero Montero is a beat producer from Columbus, Ohio. He began playing violin at 4 years old and continued his musical journey through electronic ambient music, to indie rock, to lofi beats. Loves snares and bibimbap.

Mochi is 20 years old with a passion for visual design. Hailing from Seattle, Washington, she started playing piano from 5 years old and continued in classical training for 13 more years. Met Aero at a bakery. Loves cats and satisfying loops.

Personalised wall art _ Create your own
33 _ 45 RPM.jpeg

Our late cat Jan Jensen, the angry apple, started this entire love project with a single hat. We loved her very much and Angry Apple Lofi will forever be a homage to her legacy. She liked string and Friskies chicken pate. May she rest in peace. 

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Consider buying us a coffee to support us and our cats! All donations are appreciated and reinvested in exciting projects for our fans such as cassettes and live shows.

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