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Angry Apple is NOT hiring at this time.

Buy us a coffee!

Consider buying us a coffee to support Angry Apple! All donations go to apple hats for cats.


Where can I listen to Angry Apple?

     You can find all our links in the home page, as well as following the links in the footer below. 

I can't find a track from your page on Spotify!

     We test all our tracks on Instagram first, some just don't make the cut. On our Soundcloud and Youtube EPs, you can find a lot of our miscellaneous beats that never got posted. If you still didn't find that one song, request it above in the contact form.

Is all the music made by you?

     Yes it is! All of the tracks on every platform we have are made by our resident beat master: Aero Montero. 

When is the next release?

     At this time of November 2020, we are currently releasing on Spotify at a monthly basis. On Soundcloud, we post weekly tracks; and on Youtube, we post weekly full edits and EPs. There's lots of Angry Apple, just make sure to subscribe on our platforms and turn on our notifications, or sign up for our monthly newsletter!

Who runs Angry Apple?

     Learn more about the creators of Angry Apple on our "About Us" tab.

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